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Operation Anthropolysis explores the entanglement of the 'future' itself bound up with the morphing nature of Homo Sapiens through the influence and infiltration of toxins, chemicals, additives and contaminants in its environment and especially upon the site of the body. Furthermore, the project highlights how the Homo Sapien has always been a palimpsest of mutations that drive non-linear and unpredictable transformations to our species. This can be accounted for through the range of genetic mutations such as: (The MCM6 gene, that some people kept producing the enzyme lactase, allowing them to drink milk. RNF213 Gene improved blood supply to the primate brain, improving ancestors intelligence. MYH16 gene enabled our jaw muscles weaken, which allows our skulls and brains to expand. AMY1 gene increasing the production of the salivary enzyme amylase which facilitates the digestion of starch) and thus has and will continue to adapt to adverse environmental or alloplastic conditions that have been instrumental in the development of Homo Sapiens and will continue to do so – especially, now in the age of the Anthropocene / Necrocene.

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Red earth, blood earth, blood brother earth


“Man always increases the number of atoms leaving the ancient cycles — the geochemical ‘eternal’ cycles. He intensifies the breach of these processes, introduces new ones, and interferes with old ones. With Man, an enormous geological power has appeared on the surface of our planet. The balance of the migrations of elements that had been established in the course of geological time is being broken by the reason and activities of Man. At present we are changing the thermodynamic equilibrium inside the biosphere in this way.” It is hard for the mind to grasp the colossal amounts of living matter that are created, and that decompose, each day, in a vast dynamic equilibrium of death, birth, metabolism, and growth.” --Vladimir Vernadsky

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